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Some Photos I like from Rome

These women were part of a procession for Good Friday.  Twelve straining men carried an image of the Virgin, while eight more carried a prone wooden Jesus.  The women walked backwards facing the virgin singing.  The priests led hymns and call and response prayer.  

Good Friday Procession 

 Pasqua is everywhere in Rome, and the city is packed with pilgrims who have come to celebrate Easter and the new Pope.


 Street Performances have been my favorite part of the last few days of roaming the city.  I’ve seen magic, classical musicians, grey headed garage rockers covering Pink Floyd, illusionists and clever performance art meant to inspire the imagination.  This performer is taking a break – possibly pushed out of a lucrative area where thousands of visitors are crossing the bridge to the Vatican.

Street performer on a break

The fun goes on, regardless of the somber Good Friday procession that just passed.  A street performer plays and entertains.

Too Much fun in the Piazza in Testeverde

 Narrow streets, bright colored buildings and the ever-present motorbikes mark urban living in Rome.

Street View in Testeverde

An Angel guards the bridge to the Vatican.  There is art at every turn, and the fun of roaming the city is coming across surprises.

Leigh Pate
Leigh Pate is a writer, former political consultant and two time cancer patient and cancer research advocate living in Seattle, WA