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Munnar to Kochi

What is that fog?

Sun rising over the mountains

As I got lower, I figure it out … it was steam created as the hot air from the hot rainforest below hit the cool air from the mountains I was descending. Wows… talk about a sudden climate change.

Dam and mountain reflection

Lovely ride today – the mountains at Munnar are just spectacular. Truly one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited. Covered with tea bushes, lovely trees covered in purple flowers with lakes created by a series of dams, the mountains are huge and views go down the valley.

I took my time and savored the descent of 30+ kilometers. We passed a dam and started following a river as it sped over boulders. It heated up quickly –at the top I was in a vest and chilly- by the bottom it was sweltering humid jungle.

Riding through the rainforest was full of sounds… birds, monkeys, insects chirping and frogs. The air in a rainforest even smells different – moist and alive.  I really enjoyed today … one of the best rides of the trip.

Tea bushes

Today we were supposed to ride 85km and then gather for a shuttle bus into Kochi.
But I missed the turn at 75km and Stephanie made the same mistake I did. We continued to ride along for another 15km both thinking that since the other was on the same route it must be right.  Ummm … nope.  By the time we figured out we were lost and figured out where we were it made more since to get ourselves to Kochi than try to meet up with the group which was about to head out.

Not really a big deal. We just went on a route that came in a little north of the city and when we reached a busy highway coming into town I flagged down a big tuk tuk.  Someone fluent in English stopped and helped explain to the driver where we wanted to go.  So we took the wheels off the bikes and piled them in the back and put the wheels in with us and off we putted 16km into town.   Actually it all worked out pretty well.  I avoided the bus and we got in a respectable 115km ride. Though this wasn’t really a clever passive aggressive bus avoidance strategy … really.

Leigh Pate
Leigh Pate is a writer, former political consultant and two time cancer patient and cancer research advocate living in Seattle, WA

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  1. Yes, but clever in any regard. Nice to know that you were rewarded by the notion that tomorrow is another day and you made the most of it. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

  2. this trip will be over very soon and I just want to thank you again for writing about it so that we who have been reading were able to travel along and get a feel for what your journey entailed. Keep safe – daisy

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