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Marijuana Lasse anyone?

Today I was at a peaceful restaurant eating lunch and we asked what the “special lasse” was on menu.  A Lasse is a very yummy drink of yogurt and fresh fruit. The waiter leaned down and said “Marijuana”.  Pretty funny- we are in a town so conservative they legally ban alcohol, drugs, smoking, eating meet or eggs. All veg.

Yesterday we were lucky enough to stay in an old Mogul fort- Kishanghar. We were in a hotel that was in the converted palace- a beautiful spot with a view over the lake of a fort in the lake surounded by water. It was a a splended, peaceful setting.

I was on the van again today to Pushkar – a destination city for Pilgrims who are worshipping Brahma. Temples everywhere – along with lots of scams to say prayers in exchange for money. I wandered around the city to some temples and there was a bizarre so I picked up a new shirt to ride in to replace the goodwill shirt I brought that started to disintegrate immediately.

Went to the pharmacy today and picked up some cough syrup and antibiotics – over the counter and dirt cheap. Hopefully it will knock this out.  But don’t worry, I’m OK. I’m taking care of myself, have the long view on biking – I’m here for 2 months and when this is over I’ll have lots of saddle time.


Leigh Pate
Leigh Pate is a writer, former political consultant and two time cancer patient and cancer research advocate living in Seattle, WA

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  1. I am following your trip because of Morgan and Viktor and my sister told me about your blog – it is very interesting and I will read as you post as it gives a very good clear picture of what this trip really entails. You write well and I am enjoying reading about your days. I hope you get rid of your cold. Stay protected and safe – I think of all of you on this incredible journey.

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