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A Slug of Bannock – Community in Cape Breton NS

"I bet you're hungry.  Inside they have tea and coffee and cake and pie and bannock ...""What's bannock?" I asked.She said just go in and order like a local.  "Ask for a slug of bannock with butter and lassis."We are standing outside the Saturday farmer's market in Dingwall, a tiny town on the North Cape of Cape Breton.  I have just biked over a mountain and she is right ... I am hungry.  The locals tolerate the cyclists with bemused disbelief ... it's clear they think we are crazy for biking these steep mountains.  The farmer's market is housed in the fire department community hall.  It's slow right now - the weather has been cold and windy and many tourists are staying away.  There is a steady stream of locals, though, and music from the accordion and guitarist is welcoming.I walk inside with this vibrant little red haired woman who's outside smoking a cigarette.  The farmers' market consists of tables that ring the large room.  Two older men play local folk music mixed in with Johnny Cash and the Beatles on a small stage.  Locals are selling crafts from knitted goods to photographs made into refrigerator magnets to canned pickles to one table of fresh vegetables.I walk to the back and order my slug of bannock.   I get a surprised look, and then a plate of sliced bread appears with instructions that the butter and molasses are on the table.  Yep ... tasty.My red-headed friend is a crab fisherman and caught her limit of crabs this year in three weeks over the summer.  She is an amateur photographer in her off-time and is selling cards and refrigerator magnets with her images.  "You need a job when you aren't fishing,"  she tells me.  She says this farmers' market is a regular gathering place for