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Bicycling The Cabot Trail … What I wish I had known

Bicycling Great Breton, Nova Scotia's Cabot Trail is incredibly beautiful and worth the effort.  One of the world's most scenic drives makes for one of the world's most incredible bike rides. But despite running into several cyclists on the trail during our week in mid-September 2014, there is not a lot of information out there to help plan a safe trip.  So this post includes everything I think is important for planning the trip to be safe.This is not a beginner ride.  But it's very manageable with good planning and experience and training to tackle the hills.We started in Baddeck, rode 90km to Cheticamp, climbed French Mountain and overnighted in Pleasant Bay, climbed North Mountain and stayed in Dingwall, rode the coastal route to Ingonish, and finished our ride in St. Ann.  We had two rear panniers, but stayed in hotels and did not camp.  So if you are camping, sorry - I saw campgrounds and even people stealth camping but I don't have much information to help.  The photo below is the French Mountain climb. My tips for doing this route:1)  Ride the route clockwise.Most car tourist drive it counter-clockwise, so there is significantly less traffic on the narrow, shoulder-less roads riding clockwise. You are also on the mountain side of the road rather than the cliff side which is safer.  And, the winds can be ferocious, and they are more likely to be a nice tail wind helping you up and over the mountains.  I'd hate to do those climbs into a headwind.2)  Build in a couple of extra days for weatherThe weather is a big factor here.  The week we rode, we ran into three days where winds gusted over 50km per hour.  The day we did the first big climb over French Mountain the forecast originally called