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Another Detour

How fortunate to miss the train in Siena!

Today we biked to the town of San Gimignano. Nosed around a few hours and rode toward the town of Certaldo. 
Which was only a train station on the map. But riding into town Certaldo turned out to be a perfect Tuscan hill town perched on a hill with walls and a castle.  So tempting. 
So we found the old mid-evil cobblestone path and hiked up to explore till it’s time to catch the last train to Lucca.  
Which we won’t miss this time. Really. 
And now I am sitting in a cafe fortifying before exploring this gorgeous town I’d never heard about before. 
And the not knowing makes it so much better. 

Leigh Pate
Leigh Pate is a writer, former political consultant and two time cancer patient and cancer research advocate living in Seattle, WA