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Leigh Pate is a former public affairs consultant, communications specialist, writer and amateur photographer in Seattle Washington.  Thanks to a lobular breast cancer diagnosis in 2011, followed by a second cancer diagnosis five years later, she put her professional skills to work advocating for cancer research as a patient advocate. 

Leigh founded and was the first director of the Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance (LBCA) in 2017, an organization that works to educate and raise awareness of lobular breast cancer, a type of breast cancer that needs additional research so patients receive the tailored therapies they need.  LBCA has grown into an international presence in three short years, with a scientific advisory board of researchers and clinicians and has inspired similar organizations and advocacy efforts from patients lobular breast cancer around the world.  Leigh continues her advocacy for both breast and ovarian cancer patients and working to promote patient-centered research and education internationally and in the US.

Leigh tells stories and shares photos and insights from travels around the world.  And she writes about life after a breast cancer diagnosis that not only changed her physically but altered how she sees the world, and travels through it.

Leigh’s photography has been shown in art venues around Seattle.  She has spoken at events in the US and Canada.  Articles about her travels and her cancer have been published in local newspapers, magazines and online interest sites and blogs.