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WAY Off the Beaten Path

Mom navigated, I drove.  The GPS had totally lost it ... trying to send us back down towards the main roads, in the wrong direction, and "TomTom" was turned off in favor of directions from the website.Directions:  Travel 18.8 km on the gravel road.  At the Y junction follow the main road left.  (The directions fail to mention the "4x4s only beyond this point" big red sign, though we noticed it as we bumped along in our little chevy sedan.)Drive for 6 km.  Turn right on the small gravel road.  You still have 5 km to go.  (This small gravel road started with a big sand pit, which I revved up and skidded through, and small meant one car wide.)At the next junction, turn right if you have a 4x4, left if you don't.  Drive past several buildings and through two gates. (This turned out to be farm from some hardy family managing to grow something in this arid area.  We never found the junction with the alternate road, but given we had to drive the car through a small stream I think it's conceivable we might have picked the wrong way).And finally we bumped in to Blue Hill Escape, a nature preserve and research center run by  friends of my mother who she met while volunteering on an Earthwatch Macaw research project in Peru.  Driving down another bumpy roadish path and through another small stream and we arrived at our cottage.  No electricity.  Wood burning stove for heat.  It was cold.  I was cranky and tired from driving all day. I was eyeing the sky which was threatening rain and planning our escape route - wondering how we were getting this little chevy back through two streams if it actually rained. I had an image of myself covered in mud